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Riders living in countries with a hot and humid climate find themselves in a dilemma. Since they don't want to wear heavy leather jackets and pants, they might compromise on their personal safety.

At Brosh we solved the predicament by developing a range of practical and comfortable rider apparel, using the most advanced material available - Kevlar® and Cool Max®.  Our clothing offers protection combined with excellent properties of sweat evaporation and cooling.

By using Cool Max® for our jackets we offer riders excellent breathability without compromising protection, and without the heaviness and heat that come with wearing leather jackets.

Sweating is the body's unique way of cooling itself off. But sweating under a jacket while riding in the heat can cause major discomfort. That is the reason DuPont developed Cool Max® in 1986. This unique fabric removes moisture away from the skin and transfers it through to the surface. Cool Max® was created using four channel polyester fibers that are weaved together in cross sections to allow air to flow through the fabric. Its main advantages are its ability to keep skin dry while retaining durability, it is lightweight, comfortable and form fitting.

Kevlar® was developed by the DuPont Corporation to offer excellent protection from shrapnel for soldiers in battlefield situations. Just think of it as the best protection you can get when riding. In the event of an accident or at any time you fall off your bike while riding, the Kevlar® will withstand the extreme abrasion forces that happen when skidding on asphalt.

We add Kevlar® reinforcements to our jackets in the shoulder and elbow areas, and in pants in the knee and waist areas.

Most ordinary jackets for riders are fitted only with hard armor in the shoulder and elbow areas. This offers only limited protection, and in many cases the armor absorbs the impact when a rider skids off his bike but doesn't offer any protection to other vital areas.

At Brosh we devised the "Double Protection" effect as a concept we embed in our products, using extensive Kevlar® fabric to protect against abrasion, cuts, heat created during abrasion and fire resistance, and CE approved hard armor against impact in shoulders and elbows as well as back area.