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CE  inside armors set for jackets   include elbows &shoulders
CE En1621-1  approved Armors  Please note All Brosh jackets already comes with t..
$35 Ex Tax: $35
ONEAL מגן  ברכיים לאופנוע
Adjustable CE knee protectors-pair
Brosh    protectors are lightweight,adjustable , flexible, comfortable and meet the EN1621..
$30 Ex Tax: $30
Back protector blue
Light protective back armorLength 15" X 11"  max  wideweight only 0.176 LB..
$10 Ex Tax: $10
Waist CE armors- pair
According to many riders request we  added special Velcro and pocket to accommodate side CE arm..
$15 Ex Tax: $15
CE back armor  level 2
Back armor with CE standart -EN 1621-2-   Fits All Brosh jackets and can be inserted insid..
$22 Ex Tax: $22
Shoulders armors
$16 Ex Tax: $16
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