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Advanced technology for motorcycle riders

Kevlar® and the "Double Protection" effect:

Most rider jackets sold today are equipped only with hard armor in the joint areas (shoulders and elbows) and even that offers limited protection. In many cases, the armor absorbs the impact when a rider skids off his bike but doesn't offer any protection to other vital areas.

We at Brosh solved this problem with the extensive use of Kevlar®.

Kevlar® is a man-made, non-abrasive material which was developed by the DuPont Corporation. The fabric's unique construction offers incredible protection from "Road Rash" if involved in an accident. Kevlar also protects against heat created during abrasion, and is fire resistance as well. It is 5 times stronger than steel, flame resistant up to 400 degrees Celsius and exceptionally resistant to cuts and slashes.

In its various forms, Kevlar® is used in ropes that tie up ships, clothing worn by firefighters and air force pilots, tank armor, and airplane wings. Probably the best known use is in the production of bullet proof vests, as it offers excellent protection from shrapnel, blasts and other injuries.

By using Kevlar® in large areas of our jackets we have increased the protection offered to riders and give them "Double Protection" – hard armor against impact, and Kevlar® against injury.

Dry Fit  Breathable Fabric:

Sweat is the human body's unique method of cooling itself off in the most effective way. Nike develped  a moisture management system fbric . It was created using four-channel cone-shaped polyester fibers that are weaved together in cross sections to allow air to flow through the fabric, and for sweat to leave the body effectively leaving the skin cool and moisture-free. No wonder this exceptional fiber was adopted immediately by manufacturers of sport apparel all over the world.

The main advantages of Cool Max® are its ability to keep skin dry while retaining durability. It is lightweight, comfortable and form fitting.

Living in a country that has a warm climate most of the year, we are experts in developing clothing for riders which offers exceptional protection combined with excellent cooling properties. Use of Cool Max® in our jackets gives riders excellent temperature regulation, and keeps the body cool.